Grooming parlour

Animed, your grooming parlour in Lausanne!

Animed's grooming parlour caters for dogs and cats in Lausanne.

Grooming parlour - Animed - LausanneThe care and hygiene of the coat, and in particular for animals with long fur, is essential for their well-being.

Matted fur, the presence of scabs, dandruff, or dry fur and skin, can make the animal uncomfortable. In some extreme cases this can lead to serious problems.

Trained by one of the best groomers and handlers in Europe, our staff at Animed are supervised by the veterinary clinic in their handling and care of the animals. This gives them all of the knowledge and skills needed.

Dog grooming parlour - Animed - Lausanne

Holder of the BTC (dog grooming certificate) and the BT IV (grooming certificate level IV), specialising in defelting and dog and cat grooming, 2005 French pet grooming champion and 2006 European pet grooming championship runner-up, the Animalook Karen parlour knows all there is to know about grooming your four-legged friends.

Animal care at the Animalook Karen parlour is monitored by the Animed veterinary practice.

Karen (our Lausanne groomer) can give you more information, as well as a more accurate estimate during your first appointment.
We do not calculate prices by type (cat, dog) or by breed (Yorkie, Westie, Cocker, etc.), because estimates of the time and care required depend on the owner’s wishes, the condition of the coat, the type of hair and the size of the animal.

Cat grooming parlour - Animed - LausanneFor a consultation, please contact Animed.

Your veterinary clinic in Lausanne also has a boutique, where you can buy various accessories and special diets for your pet.

Our services

  • Two ranges of high quality, natural products, specially designed for cats and dogs.
  • Stress management: to minimise excessive reactions in sensitive animals, the vets will perform appropriate sedation if necessary.
  • Detangling
  • Brushing
  • Wash and Dry
  • Bath, cut / clip / trim and dry
  • Cats: defelting, bath and dry (with or without sedation)
  • Cutting claws
  • Emptying anal glands
  • Cleaning the ears


  • 80 CHF per hour.
  • Subscriptions are available on request (reserved for regular clients).

Spoken languages

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Italian

Means of payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card - Eurocard / Mastercard
  • Debit Card - Postcard
  • Credit Card - American Express
  • Credit Card - Visa
  • Debit Card - EC/Maestro