Animed, sales of pet accessories and pet food in Lausanne.

Accessoiries - Animed - LausanneAs a complete veterinary centre, Animed also has a boutique where you can buy original accessories for your pet. You can also order directly from our catalogue.

Pet food - Animed - LausanneOur boutique also offers a range of top quality prescription diets and normal food for dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, and birds.

Dog accessories - Animed - LausanneWe have little influence over our environment, but we can control what we eat. A healthy, balanced diet strengthens the immune system, and helps to improve the life-expectancy and quality of life of our pets.

Cat accessories - Animed - LausanneFeel free to contact our nutritional specialists at Animed for advice.

Our partners for dog and cat food:

  • Maintenance and prescription diets for dogs: Eukanuba / Hills Science Plan / Hills Science Diet / Royal Canin / Purina/ Proplan / Vetcomplex by Virbac
  • Maintenance and prescription diets for cats: Proplan / Hills Science Plan / Hills Science Diet / Royal Canin / Purina /Vetcomplex by Virbac
  • Feeds for rodents and birds: CroquBrin/ Schweizer

Spoken languages

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Italian

Means of payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card - Eurocard / Mastercard
  • Debit Card - Postcard
  • Credit Card - American Express
  • Credit Card - Visa
  • Debit Card - EC/Maestro